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Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter
Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter


The sale has ended, but we still love the product!

Benebone Zaggler & KONG Bat-A-Bout

Every dog is happy with a Zaggler to chase and chew, and any cat with a Bat-a-Bout is sure to be happy too.

Today started out awful. Fluffy, my love, came over to play. But she trotted right past me on her little Pomeranian paws, straight to our pesky "puppy," who's big and handsome now. Pipsqueak rubbed it in, chortling while they ran around together. My head hung and my tail drooped. I didn't even notice Jack, a Rottweiler with a sweet face and soft ears.

My human felt so sorry for me she brought a special toy. "Tomo, look, a Benebone Zaggler!" she said, holding up a weird-shaped bone-thing. I turned away and sighed. But then its scent wafted over—real chicken! I forgot all about Fluffy the traitor and Pipsqueak the thief and grabbed that Zaggler fast.

It was divine! The hard nylon cleaned my teeth as I drowned my sorrow in that chicken scent. I heard it could last a month or more—long enough for my heart to mend.

Jack came over and licked his lips. I needed a friend, so I dropped the Zaggler, which zigged off like a drunken mouse. We chased it all around while Claws (a.k.a. Tobias) looked on with sizzling cat eyes, poised to pounce.

Our human foresaw trouble, and brought Claws his own special toy: a Kong Bat-a-Bout Spiral. It bounced off drunkenly like our Zaggler, but jingly. Claws was after it in a flash. When he batted it under the couch, it glowed like eyes! Maybe the catnip inside addled his senses, but Claws was obsessed.

When Jack and I tired we curled up together, each gnawing one end of our Zaggler. The cat settled down on top of us with his Spiral. He just had to knead us with his pokers, but it didn't hurt much, plus he was warm. Pipsqueak and Fluffy came over and drooled, but we ignored them.