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Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter
Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter


The sale has ended, but we still love the product!

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Food Toppers

A daily freeze-dried treat with raw chicken and veggies for dogs and cats who are picky eaters—or even ones who just like to bounce and shine.

"Poor Eugene," I thought when I first saw the old Pekingese. His tongue hung out of his toothless mouth, and he walked stiffly, rolling like a half-frozen duck.

My human, who was watching him for a friend, treated him like a little prince. She put him on the kitchen counter and fed him treats! My mouth literally hung open. If I even THOUGHT about getting on the counter I'd be in the doghouse forever (although Tobias sneaks up there every day; cats get away with everything).

Eugene looked down at me with his big sparkly eyes and snorted. He was having fun! He clearly thought he deserved this royal treatment.

My mouth was still open in astonishment, so my human popped in some of Eugene's special food. It tasted—real. Like healthy food my human eats—carrots, pumpkinseeds, broccoli, squash, and blueberries—plus that magic happy potion, salmon oil.

"Like it? It's Instinct Raw Boost Mixers dehydrated topper. It's minimally processed (just freeze dried) to retain nutrients. No potatoes, soy, corn, or wheat. No preservatives, by-products, or artificial colors. It helps you have a healthy coat (sorry; that means your fur) and lots of energy. And I know you don't care, but the chickens were cage-free, not tortured in tiny cages." I rolled my eyes at that.

That night, she mixed Instinct topper into kibble for all us dogs.

"HEY! Where's mine?" Tobias said unmistakably with his most entitled stare.

Our person smiled. "Here's some Instinct Raw Boost Mixer just for nice kitties!" Nice kitties. Barf!

After dinner Eugene couldn't reach the couch. Since his visit brought us the treat, I bowed down, he climbed on, and I plunked him onto the cushion.

"Poor Eugene," hah! Eating real Instinct topper, he lives like a king, and might live forever.

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