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Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter
Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter


The sale has ended, but we still love the product!

JW Hol-ee Roller Ball & Cataction Rattle Ball

People call the JW Hol-ee Roller ball "stimulating," but dogs and cats just call it FUN.

Yesterday a strange little creature came over. I didn't know what it was—a mutated fox?

"Looks like a creampuff to me," said Tobias disdainfully, yawning and licking his stripey cat paws.

"I'm a Pomeranian," it said indignantly. "My name is Fluffy. Because of my nice long fur."

Seriously! With a name like that I thought it—I mean she—really would be a creampuff, too prissy to be much fun. But she was a blast! She didn't even care when we chased her through the mud, although Tobias said she looked ridiculous.

Later, she pulled out her favorite toy from her sparkly pink bag. It was like the skeleton of a ball, with rubber bones. Her person called it a Hol-ee Roller.

Fluffy grabbed it with her front teeth and shook it. It taunted her, flexing back and forth, so she tossed it in the air. When it bounced off all whopperjawed, I felt so goofy inside I just had to grab it. Fluffy was furious! But Tobias ran between us and hissed at her, so she let me toss it around.

When I started to chew, my person gave it back to Fluffy. Not fair! "She won't rip it up; you will," my human explained. Then she put a treat inside and Fluffy settled down on her designer rug to work on getting it out.

I went off in a huff until my human promised to get me one, too. Tobias glared at her. "Oh, you want one TOO?" she asked. He squinted his eyes and purred.