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Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter
Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter


The sale has ended, but we still love the product!

Pet Provisions by Olympia Provisions

Make every day a birthday for your dog with Pet Provisions salami treats.

You know that thing about 1 dog year equals 7 human years? Turns out it's a bunch of bunk. We dogs age 15 dog years in our first human year on Earth! I figure people came up with that 7-year thing so they don't have to give us our fair share of birthday parties.

My human is pretty nice, but she's been a cheapskate with treats. She thinks we don't notice. Can you believe she was rewarding us with ONE PIECE of CAT food? And that food was handed down from someone whose cat abandoned them. Probably because the meals were blah.

Lately, though, my human has had a change of heart. Maybe she realized I'll be 88 in dog years soon. Anyway, she started buying us these amazing salami sticks for dogs. I used to run all over when we went hiking, but now all I can think of is those treats in her pouch. She says they're 33% protein and the quality is so high humans could eat them (uh-oh). I might even let her slip one of my pills inside one and pretend I don't notice. I'm worried she'll stop bringing them on our hikes if I can't stop drooling down the back of her pants.

She says she bought them because the company making them, Olympia Provisions in Portland, Oregon, branched out from making sausage for humans to making treats for dogs to be more environmentally responsible and not waste anything. That makes great sense to me. She never did see one hair of that rabbit I caught ....

But I'll never chase rabbits again as long as she has those Pet Provision salami sticks in her pouch! And maybe she'll give me one for every birthday party she had thought I didn't notice she skipped.