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Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter
Proceeds from every purchase help support our shelter


The sale has ended, but we still love the product!

Super Snout Super Shrooms

Give your pets the Super Shrooms glow: mushroom powder for cancer protection, immune system health, and anti-inflammation

I like to think I'm open-minded. I sing great to all kinds of music—Bach or Beyoncé, it doesn't matter. My human is musically challenged, unfortunately, so she calls it "howling" and puts me outside. But she can vouch that I'm open-minded about food, even broccoli if there's nothing better.

Last week, though, she wanted me to try the most absurd thing. Who ever heard of dogs eating mushrooms?

"Everyone but you," said Tobias with his superior cat sneer, looking bored and licking his stripes. "All the cool cats have been eating mushrooms for years, and you dumb dogs finally caught on."

"Really???" I asked, actually dumb-stricken. I begged him not to tell Fluffy I hadn't known. She's the coolest dog I know (or the hottest?), even though she is awfully, well, fluffy.

"Mushrooms protect against cancer1 , "Tobias went on, showing off. "They boost immune systems and reduce inflammation, too." Of course he had to cat-splain: "That means they help us not get sick and not have sore joints."

My human didn't seem to follow the conversation, which was just as well since Tobias was getting the better of me. She just went on mixing Super Snout Super Shrooms powder into my food. I was going to stick my nose up at it, but as I said I'll eat anything, so I stuck my nose in it instead. It was yummy!

1"Studies indicate polysaccharopeptide (PSP) has in vitro antitumor activities and inhibits the growth of induced tumors in animal models [dogs]," she said, quoting a reliable source, the National Institutes of Health.